Human impacts

Human impacts are human-made objects or human-caused events that change, disturb, or even destroy ecosystems. Human impacts put pressure on ecosystems and can have a major impact on the species living there. Some of the more common types of human impacts that occur in Alberta are listed below.

Roads: Whether they are standard asphalt roads, gravel roads or simple country roads, roads are built to allow vehicles to travel on them and are a human impact on ecosystems

Paths: Paths are tracks that have been made to allow people to walk on the, Paths are sometimes cleared and sometimes occur when people walk over the same area over time

Buildings: Any type of building, whether it is a skyscraper or a shed, can be a human impact.

Fishing: Fishing can disturb wildlife in aquatic ecosystems and can also be a reason why worms are introduced to an ecosystem.

Grazing: Having ranches and farms means that sometimes herbivores (plant-eaters) are forced to eat grass in areas where they wouldn’t normally.

Crops: Planting crops is another form of human impact

Near stream or lake: worms can survive many days in water, so they can be carried by the water to new areas