Earthworms in Finland

There are at least 16 species of earthworms present in Finland.

They belong to three major ecological groups which live and feed in different areas of the soil:

  1. Litter dwelling
  2. Soil dwelling
  3. Deep burrowing

What effects do earthworms have?

Earthworms are called ecosystem engineers because they change the structure of the soil by eating leaf litter, burrowing, and mixing the soil. They can affect plant growth, other soil organisms, carbon storage in the soil, and movement of water through the soil.

Where are earthworms found?

Earthworms were wiped out in northern Europe during the last ice age ending about 12 000 years ago. Now they can be found across Finland, even sometimes in the north, but we need your help to figure out where different species are found and how far north they are! This will help us to predict how their distributions will change with climate change.